Cooks Professional Soup Maker Review

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Cooks Professional Soup Maker ReviewWho doesn’t like having a nice and warming cup or bowl of freshly made and healthy soup, particularly on a cold winter’s day when you’ve been on your feet all day and just want to relax? You’d be hard to pushed to find one person who didn’t like the sound of that description. The main issue with soup is that in order to get it from the raw ingredients to that hot and bubbling mixture, there is usually a lot of work involved in-between and often it is quite messy and time consuming.

That was until a special kind of appliances emerged on the market known as soup makers, a combination of a blender and cooking pot all in one. You will find various reviews and information pieces on this website dedicated to helping you find the best soup maker for you. In this review we will be looking Cooks Professional Soup Maker.

About Cooks Professional

Cooks Professional is a well respected range of high quality kitchen appliances and gadgets that offer great value for money, regardless of your available budget. As well as soup makers, they also produce a wide range of mixers and coffee machines.

Easiest And Quickest Way To Make Soup

If soups are one of your favourite things to eat, but you are often put off making them yourself because of the amount of time they take, the preparation involved and the mess that is left to clear up once you have finished cooking it; a soup maker such as this one by Cooks Professional could be for you. Not only will it prepare your vegetables to be made into soup, with the sharp blades it has like a blender, but it will also cook them all within one compact unit.

Obviously this saves a lot of time and energy, as you are only ever using one piece of kit to cut and cook the ingredients. It is also quicker when it comes to actual cooking time as it can cook a soup fully in around 25 minutes.

Doubles As A High Quality Blender Too

Perhaps you are worried though about spending money on an appliance that just has one function. The great thing about this Cooks Professional Soup Maker and most others, is that you don’t have to always use the cooking function and it works perfectly fine as a good quality blender. So if you want to make smoothies, sauces, purées, you can still use this handy appliance. The accompanying recipe book with the soup maker offers you hot chocolate, smoothie and soup recipes, giving you the chance to fully explore its versatility.

Cooks Professional Soup Maker ReviewAlso Great For Reheating And Keeping Things Warm

As Cooks Professional have ensured that this soup maker has a wide range of controls for speed, time and temperature you are able to use this appliance for keeping pre-cooked and prepared soup warm or reheating it from chilled.

Easy To Use And Easy To Clean

Obviously a soup maker is and should be am appliance of convenience, so it makes sense that Cooks Professional have made their soup maker as user-friendly and easy to maintain as possible. It comes with a 1.2 litre capacity jug and because everything is self contained, you only ever have one pot to clean up – the jug itself and the blades. No longer will you have a worktop full of knives, blenders and various crockery that you need to wash up when you make that warming and soothing soup on a cold winter’s day.

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Customer Reviews

It is never wise to just take one source of information as the only source you base your buying decisions on and that is why it is also worth, when looking at something like the Cooks Professional Soup Maker, that you consult impartial customer reviews. Amazon is the best place to check these out, as they will always tell you if they are written by someone who has actually bought the product or not.

When looking at the reviews for the Cooks Professional Soup Maker it is easy to see that while it is not the most popular product in this market, it has still for the most part been given favourable ratings. With only 34 reviews in total, it still has a majority of 14 five star reviews. The interesting thing with any product like this with divisive reviews though is looking at the whole picture and you can see why certain people didn’t like it and why certain people did. It is up to you to decide what sits well with you.

Overall, for the price and with a branding that commands a lot of respect, you know you will get a good product from, the Cooks Professional Soup Maker is worth your consideration.