best soup maker

Our job is simple – Help all of you pick the best soup maker that suits your needs. Soup is healthy. Soup is fun. Making your own soup is a combination of those two facts. You don’t need to wade through catalogues, you don’t need to dig out soup ‘gurus’, you don’t need to search for soup maker reviews all over the internet – everything you need is right here, whether it be Andrew James or Morphy Richards, we review the lot.

The Top 5: Best Soup Maker

 ModelCapacity (Litres)Price 
Morphy Richards 488221.6L££
Morphy Richards 5010111.6L££
VonShef Jug Soup Maker1.6L£
Andrew James 7 in 1 Soup Maker1.5L££
Prolectrix Soup Maker1.3-1.6L£

Delicious Soup, Effortlessly

Modern life is increasingly busy. In most households, both parents are working full time and there are fewer hours available for kitchen tasks. Soup is a wonderful way to ensure that your family gets the right about of vegetables but is often over-looked for quicker and more convenient meals.

Owning a soup maker means that you can quickly chop the veggies, pop them in the machine, set it to your desired cycle, and get on with other important tasks while your soup cooks. Soon, you’ll be serving up a tasty, made with love meal without the sautéing, stirring, and hand-beating required from stove-top soups.

A Nutritious Solution When You’re Watching Your Weight

Soup maker sales soared above juicers in the UK this year because of their popularity among the diet conscious. Making your own delicious soup is a great way to shed pounds and it offers more nutritional value than juice detoxes. Owning a soup maker makes it easy to whip up your soup of the day while you’re busy getting ready for work or the gym.

Much less Mess

There are a couple of messy aspects to homemade soup. The first is that soup pots tend to be large and hard to wrestle into your sink, and users of soup makers report that it’s very easy to clean the inside after use. All you need is a quick rinse under the tap and a wipe with a soapy sponge to clean your soup making appliance.

Another of the messy aspect of cooking soup the traditional way is that you can easily splatter soup all over your counter and walls when you put a hand mixer into a pot of soup. With soup makers, however, the mixing is done internally and there’s no risk of messy spots.

Soup Maker Skeptics Convert after Trying One

Many consumer reviews of leading soup makers were from people who were originally skeptical and then received one as a gift. They commented on how impressed they were with the ease of preparation, cooking, and cleaning. People who didn’t think there could be any possible improvements to their handmade soups were amazed by the rich flavor and the creamy texture that a soup maker produces.

Homemade soup is delicious, healthy, and brings back memories of grandma’s treasured broth. Soup makers are increasingly popular among small appliance consumers because they offer a fast and easy way to make delicious soups for people with busy lifestyles, so let us help you find the best soup maker possible. If you want to make sure that you and your family get your daily dose of vegetables but you don’t have the time to stand over the pot stirring every minute (or to clean up wild wall splatters from putting a hand mixer into the soup pot), then owning a soup maker is a great idea.